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…is a dog: Chin  


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An elegant appearance of great nobility, the Chin is a typical Japanese dog. Legend has it that the Chin breed's ancestor was brought in during Seimu's reign (in 732), the emperor receiving it as tribute from Shiragni (today's Korea). It seems that the Chin arrived in Japan after passing through China, as it has similarities that make it related to the Pekingese and the Pug Carlin.

According to other oppinions, the introduction of the Chin breed in Japan would be attributed to the Buddhist missionaries (after the…complete breed characteristics and pictures

From the animal world

Cats and dogs curiosities  

  • A cat cleans itself with its tongue and paws after escaping from some danger or after a fight with another cat. It is assumed that this gesture is meant to soothe and calm the animal, by creating a natural and instinctive activity.

  • An old arab proverb says that a reliable greyhound must be fast enough to catch a gazelle before it even had the chance to drop the grass it was chewing from its mouth.

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  • Cats dont sweat, because they have no sweat glands.

  • A survey by a British magazine on a sample of 1,600 readers, revealed the dog as being the favorite pet. The second place was taken by the horse, with the cat occupying a mere third place. Reason? It seems cats are too independent. Parrots and canaries were on the 4th and 5th places.

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Dogs vs Cats

…or what makes cats so different from dogs  

Dogs and cats are the most common pets, but the difference of personality between them gave rise to both conflicts between pets, immortalized humorously in the cartoon series or movies, and to numerous disputes between the owners of these animals, each side claiming their supremacy over the other species.

Let's put the cat and the dog face to face and try to emphasize, somewhat objectively, their most antithetical characteristic: the cat, unlike most dogs, is an independent animal. This means it mostly does what it wants, when it wants, and it doesn't obey the orders of any owner. On the other hand, most dogs would even give their lives for their owner. They can be trained and happily respond to commands and are happy to please their master. Cats, however, prefer to doze 18 hours a day, come to be petted whenever they prefer, and meow with a sad tone when they're hungry. Usually you can not take them out on a leash, and they will not bring your shoes to you. The good part is that they will not chew your shoes either.

In short, the dispute Dogs vs. Cats can be reduced to Altruism vs. Selfishness. However, cats have that aura of mystery that surrounds them, and that makes them so attractive to many people. Either that, or that they are fluffier ... we will probably never know.

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