Collie breed of dog

Collie breed of dog

Shepherd dog with a very distant origin, according to some authors is the direct descendant of prehistoric dogs, having a skeleton similar to them - the Collie dog breed is considered the most beautiful specimen of the canine species.

According to other opinions, the breed originates from crosses between the Bobtail, Gordon Settler and the Borzoi. With a look that has stayed unchanged for 200 years, in his home country, Scotland and the UK, the Collie is stil used as a guard dog for flocks of sheep, but in the rest of the world, it is especially appreciated as a pet. It seems that the name is drawn from a species of sheep with black muzzle and legs (Colleys). His great beauty, inteligence and stamina, perfect anatomical conformation, supple and graceful, dreamy eyes that are at the same time attentive, the exceptional coat, all these attributes create a harmonious and elegant image that inspires admiration. With its gentle nature, calm and balanced, the specifics of shepherd dogs, and a strong sense of duty, the Collie breed is affectionate and obedient, adapting perfectly as a guard dog, without being agressive, or as a faithful companion of children.

Collies require a lot of movement and care to keep their qualities intact, though.

Breed standard

Collie dog breed

Dog group: sheepdogs.

Head: Medium width skull, flat between ears, gradually narrowing to the eyes. Its size may be a defect unless it is proportionate with the size of the dog. Stop little marked. The muzzle continues straight to the nose. The nose is black.

Eyes: One of the main drivers of expression, the eyes are, in the Collie breed, medium sized, slightly oblique, dark brown, except specimens' of Blue Merle, which can have blue or other colors of eyes.

Ears: Small and slightly wide at the base, they are worn bent to the front while resting and half upwards while in a state of alert.

Body: Long, with deep and broad chest between the shoulders. Croup strong and slightly arched. Sloping shoulders. Limbs straight and muscular, with strong bones.

Tail: Medium length, hanging down when the dog is at rest and slightly curved, but never over back, when dog is excited.

Lifespan: around 13 years

Collie pictures

Collie dog breed picture #1
Collie breed picture #1
Collie dog breed picture #1
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Collie dog breed picture #1
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Collie dog breed picture #1
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Collie dog breed picture #1
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