Curiosities from the world of dogs and cats:

  • A survey by a British magazine on a sample of 1,600 readers, revealed the dog as being the favorite pet. The second place was taken by the horse, with the cat occupying a mere third place. Reason? It seems cats are too independent. Parrots and canaries were on the 4th and 5th places.

  • Cats dont sweat, because they have no sweat glands.

  • An old arab proverb says that a reliable greyhound must be fast enough to catch a gazelle before it even had the chance to drop the grass it was chewing from its mouth.

  • A cat cleans itself with its tongue and paws after escaping from some danger or after a fight with another cat. It is assumed that this gesture is meant to soothe and calm the animal, by creating a natural and instinctive activity.