What Dog To Choose

A dog is not an object, but a being that has a special character, needs, emotions, joys and sorrows and who therefore may not be abandoned at will if they have not satisfied our expectations.
Becoming a dog owner is a responsability not to neglected or taken lightly; the trust that a dog has in its owner should never be betrayed. A dog is not a toy that can be abandoned after a while, out of boredom.

Choosing a dog is determined by multiple factors: where you live, the size of your house, the time you can spend with the dog and, of course, the amount of finance you have at your disposal. The negative aspects and difficulties that may arise will better be weighed in advance.

Thus, those who are not at home most of the day should not aquire a dog, if they are not able to look after it. The dog needs exercise outdoors around two hours per day, more or less, depending on the breed of dog.

Usually, the dog's temperament must be chosen according to that of the master, to establish harmony. The nervous will choose a calm dog, for instance, a Bulldog, and not a Fox Terrier. Bachelors will like a jealous dog, while friendly and gentle dogs are a family favorite. Busy persons, or those who work at home will pick a less active dog such as a Cocker, Dachshund or Pekingese.

If you live in an appartment building, avoid bringing a nervous or noisy dog, because in your absence, it may cause damage in the house or inconveniences to your neighbours.

The beauty of the hair of an Afghan, Setter or Cocker is undeniable. However, you should think twice before choosing a dog with long hair as companion. You will have to sacrifice a few extra minutes daily to caring for it.

Those who decide to pick a hunting breed - Setter, Cocker, Pointer etc. - even if they are not hunter, should take into account that they picked a companion who likes wide spaces, exercise and that it will be their duty to ensure the dog his freedom.

Those who decide to take a working dog, such as a Dobermann or a German Shepherd, must train it and work with it regulary, otherwise the dog will easily become stubborn.