Non Contagious Diseases of Dogs

Plaque and tooth cavities There is a tendency to ignore problems related to teeth illnesses in dogs, primarily due to the lack of symptoms. These problems are almost certain to appear from the age of 5 years, especially in apartment dogs. It starts with deposits of tartar forming(yellow teeth), and then cavities appear. Neglecting this problem can lead to alveolar inflammation and infection. In early stages, descaling can be done with backing soda and a small cotton cloth, with which you rub the tooth until it whitens. In advanced stages, medical intervention is needed.

Gingivitis and stomatitis They are diseases of the mouth, inflammations of the gums or mouth, which are due to a common microbial flora which is generally activated by irritations. Causes can be hot food, injuries from bones, tartar causing ulcers etc. Symptoms are abundant salivation and an unpleasant odor. Treatment will be prescribed by the medic.