Dog's Home

Introducing your dog to the new environment is best done at the age of 8-10 weeks. Arrange a big enough couch, taking into account the size of the dog, inside a box, or buy a basket specifically for this purpose. Line it with washable linen; wool is contraindicated, the fine dust from wool causing your dog to caugh. The dog's bed will be regulary cleaned and the linen washed.

The dog's couch will be placed in a more secluded place, which will become its home and where it will fell well. A good place must not have light falling directly over it and will not be too close to heat sources such as radiators or stoves, because the dog would become sensitive to cold and thus prone to bronchitis, colds etc. Even though dogs have a robust constitution and resist well to cold, a couch placed directly on cement is not suitable either. Changing the position of the couch often is contraindicated, because the dog will no longer have the impression the it is "home". It's not recommended for the puppy to be punished in this space. Feeding the dog is also best done besides its couch; if you choose a different location to place the dog's food and water bowls, make sure that location is permanent.

Once the dog is old enough, the temporary couch can be replaced with something permanent. For small dogs, the best suited home remains a basket. For large dogs, a light mattress or a mat are best suited. The couch should not be too soft though, as soft bedding will make the dog sensitive, susceptible to colds and with bad-looking hair. When determining the dog's sleeping place, also keep in mind that dogs often wake up and change position at night, sometimes quite noisy.

For guard dogs that are kept outdoors, the best home remains a small house, to shelter and protect them from the weather. For those who keep their dog tied to a chain in front of its cage, we must stress the need to ensure adequate space for movement in these conditions. Every day, at certain hours, or overnight, the dog should be left free, because keeping it permanently chained can cause health issues and cause the dog to become bad.