Dog Training

Dog training is based the use and developement of the animal's natural qualities. A dog is always capable of improvement; the progress made through the domestication of the canine species proves that. But, even if the animal is able to aquire new skills through training, we should not forget that his natural capabilities are limited compared to those of humans and that they are different from one dog to another

. In the case of a companion dog, for which the only requirement is to be well behaved, we are dealing with a simple education, and a little patience, goodwill and power of persuasion are enough to instill the basics of cleanliness, obedience, respect, walking on a leash and so on to a puppy.

Training itself is done when we are dealing with a dog that is to receive a special task - hunting dog, police dog, guide dogs etc.
Training starts from the principle that what we request from the dog is rewarding to it (gives the dog an advantage, a reward), and what we disallow it to do will be followed by a penalty (if it doesn't subject). This connection between advantages and disadvantages is acquired by the dog through repeated practice, so the dog will act through reflex in the desired way.