Dog Raising

By "breeder", we should understand that person which deals with raising dogs of a breed, having at least one pair, in order to obtain descendants with superiour physical qualities and skills, to their parents. People who make no effort to improve the qualities of the breed they proliferate, or those who are only concerned with getting as many puppis as possible, with the sole purpose of making a profit from their sale are NOT breeders.

For a breeder to succeed in his mission, he will not only have to rely on quality specimens of dogs, but also prove dedication and skill, to show goodwill and to quickly aquire the necessary routine. A breeder will need to have knowledge of anatomy, genetics, canine psychology and, above all, know the breed's standard.

It is also necessary that the breeder knows perfectly the aesthetic obligations incumbent (shortening the tail, ears, etc.) and medical duties, which include the first vaccination and deparasitation of intestinal worms.
A qualified breeder won't just study the character of the dog specimens he wants to breed, but inform on the characteristics of the ancestors, as well as the brothers of the specimens, thus finding out the inherited qualities.

Of utmost importance is, therefore, that available to the breeder is an excelent quality female, which means, besides the qualities listed in the certificate of origin, a robust, harmonious look, perfect health; the female should not be nervous or sickly. It's important as well, that the male doesn't share the same defects as the female. He must be picked so that he would compensate for the female dog's weak points, but without exaggerating.

Selection of dogs for reproduction is therefore made up of the following investigations:

regarding skills

regarding the origin

studying the qualities of the descendants, modern method which, by monitoring the offspring, selects the most valorous dog specimens.

Of course selection must take into account many parameters (aggression, malformations, predisposition to certain disease etc.) and eliminating the weak specimens is the only remedy.