Cat's Life Indoors

When they decide to adopt a cat, people prefer, in general, kittens of a few weeks, which inspire sympathy for their small size, cute figure, playful and confident behaviour. The most appropriate age to sepparate the kitten from its mother and brothers is between 6 and 9 weeks and 2 weeks later for oriental cats, which have a slower emotional development. During transportation, the cat must be installed in a safe and comfortable cage, to avoid frightr and trauma. It's good to bring it into the house when you have some days off, to help it adjust.

An adult cat can also attach to a particular place or to people, the same way as a kitten, especially if its been cared for after an illness or accident and if it has a sociable character and is used to be around people.

Adaptation in the even of changing homes can sometimes require long periods. Doors and windows must stay closed or have dense netting blocking them for at least two weeks; it is also important to avoid the kittens attempts to flee the home as soon as it hears the door opening; this is done by distracting it with a toy or food, in a room of the house.

The cat investigates carefully each room, rubbing its head against some pieces of furniture, to leave their olfactory print there, which gives them a sense of safety, and even against the feet of people in the house, creating a familiar "perfume", which is imperceptible to humans.